Susan Landor Keegin

I Paint to celebrate daily life, to illuminate the ordinary, to shape the day. My work is a distillation of my experience.

I am continually inspired by what is right in front of me. I take a morning row in the cove, and see the light reflected on the boats in the harbor.

In the Maine paintings, the beach provides a new landscape, every hour of every day. Low tide, mid tide, high tide, the water dances with each wave, creating its own choreography. Always changing, always new, with endless opportunity for discovery.

Her subjects include landscapes and seascapes in both Northern California and Cranberry Island, Maine, where she spends the summer.

Home Before Dark
oil on canvas 18x24"

All Quiet
oil on canvas 24x36"

Rising Tide
oil on wood 12x12"

oil on wood 12x24"