Madeleine Hopkins

I am a painter of life and color. My work reflects the continuous evolutions of light and mood and offers my perspective on 'place'. My views conjure an alternative to what is expected.

Primarily, my paintings are about catching a moment, not so much about telling a story or looking at a view but seeing and experiencing a moment that evokes a response, sometimes deconstructed. I value quiet time. I seek altered states in my paintings... a place off the main path.

I have worked in many different media, primarily oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel. Within each medium, I develop a technique, reinterpreting color and form and reworking surfaces, sometimes adding texture to the mix. My paintings are primarily landscapes.

Sometimes I use brush, sometimes palette knife... sometimes both. I begin with a view and I work in my studio to bring it to life. Often, I spend days or weeks working on one piece, reworking it and helping it find its way. I feel that the results can still evoke a new, fresh interpretation.

Fog at Sea
acrylic on canvas 24x20"

Island Path
acrylic on canvas 20x20"

Passing Storm
oil on canvas 24x36"

Tidal Water
oil on canvas 36x24"

View at Otter Cove
acrylic on canvas 26x26"