Lesia Sochor

Born in Philadelphia, PA to Ukrainian immigrant parents, she graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1974 with a degree in Fine Art. She moved to Brooks, ME in 1980 where she lives at the end of a dirt road with her husband John, a woodworker. Together they garden, build stone walls, make dandelion wine, and run a small hydro-electric station.

In addition to flourishing as an artist, Lesia is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of art who has given instruction in public schools, residencies through the Maine Arts Commission, and museum workshops for 25 years.

She has also illustrated two children's books and continues to honor her roots by introducing the art of 'Pysanka', a Ukrainian decorated egg, in workshops throughout the state.

She has exhibited extensively in the state of Maine and beyond. Lesia is pleased to be back at the Isleford Dock Gallery, and welcomes the new ownership. This will be her 6th season at the gallery.

Winter Waters
oil on canvas 30x26"

oil on canvas 31x29"