Henry Isaacs

I often feel quite fortunate to be a painter, says Isaacs, and that my landscape painting is simply an excuse to be outside in spectacular countryside. I want people who see these pictures to understand a little of what I felt when I was standing out next to a frozen pond or looking across a town field. This idea seems so connected with my being in the middle of my subject, that it feels peculiar to work anywhere else.

Henry Isaacs has been painting plein air landscape all across the United States for close to thirty years. Educated at both the Slade School of Art in London and at the Rhode Island School of Design, Isaacs began his art career studying the classical approach to painting and drawing. It did not take long however for him to find his passion out of doors.

I paint and draw from what is in front of me. says Isaacs. It's rare that I work on a landscape away from the actual site, or from the figure away from the model. My subjects are the hills, pastures, villages, and towns of Vermont, the coasts of Maine and California, the Rocky Mountains from Idaho to Colorado, the Appalachians from Maine to Georgia, the high deserts of the Southwest, and the swamps and meadows of the Southeast.

Henry Isaacs' work can be found in many prominent collections including The Fogg Art Museum in Boston, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Indianapolis Museum of Art and Duke University in Durham, NC.

Dusk, a View from Islesford
oil on linen 12x24"

Mt Desert from Offshore
oil on board 14x11"